Flows for APEX is a powerful workflow engine extension for Oracle APEX applications. Model your business processes with BPMN, develop your process steps in APEX, and monitor your running processes with the Flows for APEX application. Flows for APEX was created as a community project by team of experienced APEX professionals to meet the workflow requirements in many APEX applications.

Watch "What's New in Flows for APEX v23.1" on APEX Office Hours

The Flows for APEX team showed some of the v23.1 new features in our recent Oracle APEX Office Hours session: What’s New in Flows for APEX v 23.1. See demos for:

  • Inter-process communication with BPMN Message Flow
  • REST interface
  • Task Assignment, Due Dates and Priorities
  • Timestamp Process Variables and Binding Everywhere
  • Updated Process Modeler and Viewer
  • System Administration Upgrades with Diagram Logging, Instance Summaries, and Statistics
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Try Flows for APEX v23.1 now!

The latest release of Flows for APEX, v23.1, is now available and adds several exciting features:

  • Modernized Modeler
  • Map Lanes to Roles
  • User Task Assignment
  • Basic Message Support
  • New languages: Italian, Korean, traditional Chinese and simplified Chinese
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Watch 'What's New in Flows for APEX v22.2' on APEX Office Hours

The Flows for APEX team presented ‘What’s New in Flows for APEX v22.2’ in the last APEX Office Hours call on September 29th, 2022. This included a detailed demo of Flows for APEX v22.2 new features, including:

  • Call Activities
  • Improved Gateway Routing Expressions
  • Integration with APEX Approval Tasks and the Unified Task Inbox
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Expense Claims Sample App

Test Flows for APEX with the sample app “Expense Claims”, which is also included in the software. Updated for v23.1

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Graphical Workflow Editor

Model your business processes by adding activities and gateways in a graphical way.

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Integration in your APEX application

3 process plug-ins are part of the distribution to make the integration easier:

  • Manage Flow Instance: start, stop, terminate, reset and delete the entire flow instance
  • Manage Flow Instance Step: start, reserve, release and complete a single step
  • Manage Flow Instance Variables: set and get process variables
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Monitor your running instances

The engine app can be use:

  • to monitor the running instances
  • to identify errors by viewing the events logs
  • to restart steps in error after fixing the issue
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Flows for APEX integration tutorial

This tutorial provides an introduction to the usage and integration of Flows for APEX into a process-driven APEX application. We also provide a light version of this tutorial in the documentation, accessible by clicking on Learn More. Updated for v23.1.

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100% Open Source

Flows for APEX is open source. You can share and/or modify it, always under the adherence of the MIT-license.

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