Core Team

Meet our active contributors who maintain and improve Flows for APEX.

Niels de Bruijn
Niels has been working with Oracle APEX since its initial public release back in 2004. Together with a team of APEX specialists, Niels is responsible for delivering high-quality APEX projects.
His contributions to the APEX community range from presenting and publishing articles on to initiating and promoting open source solutions like Flows for APEX.
Niels is an Oracle ACE Director and program manager of the developer conference APEX Connect.
Richard Allen
Richard has been working with Oracle database technology since Oracle V4. Starting as a consultant in Oracle UK, and then as the Product Manager responsible for security in Redwood Shores, and then as a Marketing Director for Oracle in Asia. After leaving Oracle in 1997, he has used APEX to solve business problems in several large business startups in Asia.
Richard has been a leading contributor to the Flows for APEX project, including developing most of the workflow engine. Richard is a member of the Oracle APEX Development team.
Dennis Amthor
Dennis joined the team after he got his bachelor degree on media informatics in 2021. With his knowledge about JavaScript and other web technologies, and his experience from 1 year with APEX, he is mainly responsible for the BPMN plug-ins and participates on the front-end development of the engine app.
Moritz Klein
Moritz Klein has been working with Oracle technology since early 2001. He started using Oracle Application Express with it's first public release which was called HTMLDB in 2004.
Moritz shares his knowledge through his blog, on Twitter and by speaking at national and international conferences like the DOAG Annual Conference, APEX Connect, APEX World and Kscope.
After 6 years working for Ericsson as Data Warehouse Specialist, he's now with MT as Senior Principal Consultant for APEX.
His main areas are Data Modeling, PL/SQL and Oracle APEX. Nowadays he's also adding JavaScript and DevOps to the mix.
Louis Moreaux
Louis started working on this project after integrating Camunda into an APEX application and discovering the power of BPMN workflow engines. With his 4 years of experience with Oracle APEX and 8 years with Oracle Database development, he focuses mainly on the front-end of the engine application and on the process plug-ins.
Jörg Doppelreiter
Jörg began his APEX journey with version 3.1. After working on customer projects only, he starts to contribute actively in the community in the last years. At APEX Connect 2022 he stumbled upon a Flows for APEX presentation.
As this has been a topic in many projects in the daily business at solicon IT he starts to use, support and also contributing to Flows for APEX.