Niels de Bruijn less than 1 minute read

Flows for APEX 22.2 is now available for download at This major release has a lot of new functionality to offer, including:

  • Support for Call Activities in BPMN 2.0
  • Gateway Path Expressions
  • Integration with the Approval Task Component in APEX 22.1+
  • Language support for Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish and German

Richard Allen demonstrated key features of 22.2 in the APEX Office Hours session of 29-SEP. For those of you that missed that session, you can watch a replay here.

Minimum requirements for installation are Oracle DB 19c+ and Oracle APEX 20.1+. For a quick start, I suggest to install it in a free workspace on

We have also updated the sample app “Expense Claims” that ships with the software distribution to reflect most of the new features in 22.2. If you are new to BPMN 2.0, I recommend looking at the preinstalled tutorials in the Flows for APEX app.

Ready to start building your first process-oriented app based on Flows for APEX 22.2? Have a look at our updated step-by-step tutorial on the start page of