Flows for APEX is a powerful workflow engine extension for Oracle APEX applications. Model your business processes with BPMN, develop your process steps in APEX, and monitor your running processes with the Flows for APEX application. Version 23.1 adds powerful new features, speeds application development, and eases adminstration.

Task Assignment, Due Dates and Priorities

Highly flexible, model driven rules control task assignment, process and task priority, and due dates.

  • Task Assignment by BPMN lane or explicit assignment to potential users and potential groups
  • Task- and Process- Level Management of Due Dates and Priority
  • Implement dynamic assignment and scheduling policies through runtime database access
  • Integrated to the APEX Unified Task List

Introducing BPMN Message Flow

Introduces BPMN Message Flow for inter process communication:

  • Send Messages between Processes
  • Adds BPMN Send Task and Receive Task
  • Adds BPMN Message Catch and Throw Events
  • Process can wait for Message and Payload from Outside
  • Inbound messaging REST enabled

Major Upgrade to Graphical Workflow Modeler and Viewer

Major revision and modernization of the BPMN Modeler and Viewer tools:

  • Modern properties panel and easier to use controls
  • Supports drill down into collapsed SubProcesses for cleaner process models
  • Process Viewer allows drilldown into Subprocess and Call Activity status
  • New support for BPMN Groups, Child Lanesets and Annotations

REST Enablement

The Flows for APEX PL/SQL API is now REST-enabled, allowing remote execution of all API calls.

  • Allows easy integration of 3rd Party Systems with Flows
  • Enables Message Flow from Remote Systems
  • Eases Management as an Adminstrator

Developer Experience Enhancements

Many new features to enhance the Develop Experience

  • New Timestamp with Time Zone Process Variable type
  • Process Variable binding into SQL, PL/SQL, and scripts everywhere
  • Improved Binding and Substitution of non varchar2-typed process variables
  • Better APEX Approval Task and Task List integration
  • New Plugin for Starting Process Instances from an APEX Automation

Logging, Archiving, and Process Statistics Improvements

Major enhancement of the event logging system for System Administrators

  • Now includes logging of Process Diagram changes to Capture Process Changes
  • New Process Timeline view in Flow Monitor
  • Automated creation of Instance Summary Archive documents
  • Automated purging of old log entries
  • Generation of Process and Task Statistics, including processing and waiting times

More Languages Supported

Flows for APEX now supports all 10 of the APEX development languages with new Korean, Chinese and Italian translations

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Portuguese (br-pt)
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Traditional Chinese

100% Open Source

Flows for APEX is open source. You can share and/or modify it, always under the adherence of the MIT-license.

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